Who am I?

Career path

Dear visitor, welcome!

My name is Cédric Caron and I have had an enthusiasm for astrology for eighteen years, which is why I made it my job and became an astrologer.

I started self-taught with the books of “Hades”, a famous French astrologer who has a profound vision of the art. Then, in traditional astrology, I followed Robert Zoller’s course, that of Deborah Houlding (School of Traditional Astrology) and I am currently improving my mastery in the astrology of interrogations with John Frawley. To broaden my horizons, I took Anglo-Saxon modern astrology classes at the Faculty of Astrological Studies.

These specialized approaches have always left me dissatisfied in the sense that they are mutually exclusive. In my opinion, astrology is one. So, I made my own inclusive synthesis of tradition and modernity based on metaphysical principles.

My “life mission” pushing me to share the art with the public, I give conferences with favorite theme the promotion of astrology as traditional science (a knowledge applying correspondences to connect Heaven and Earth) and its reform on this forgotten basis in order to restore its radiance and legitimacy.

In parallel, I went through the three levels of reiki (Usui lineage) and I followed a training in coaching which made me discover the dimension of energy. I use these skills mainly in my relationship with the client.

A teacher by training (Alliance française), I passed on the learning of French for five years to French speakers and non-native speakers in Belgium and in China. This journey opened my mind to how the mind learns, which allows me to accompany you in your understanding process during the consultation.

Finally, I am engaged on a spiritual path (the diamond vehicle of the Buddha’s teaching) which allows me to understand that in addition to the personal work to be done to free oneself from one’s conditioning, the blessings from above are essential to move forward on the path (nowadays confused with personal development). I have been studying metaphysics for about fifteen years mainly through the works of René Guénon, Frithjof Schuon and Ananda Coomaraswami. This intellectual and mind-widening baggage nourishes my way of apprehending astrology on which I have a view which is searching deep, rigorous, structured, reaffirming the sacred and building bridges between East and West. My methods carry this vision.

Cédric Caron

Life Mission and values

My “life mission” is to open people to the correspondences between Heaven and Earth. We are not the result of probabilities manifesting on a pebble drifting for no reason in the dark ocean of the universe as a reductionist and asphyxiating scientific discourse makes us believe. We are a living expression potentially in conscious participation of a deep and luminous source.

Our universe makes sense. And this is what I want to show people by means of astrology, a science and an applied art relying on the symbolism of the stars to know the phenomena that resonate with them.

Come aboard! We are leaving for a journey into the ocean of meaning with a course none other than the origins of primordial wisdom.


The path to equilibrium goes by the integration of all planetary energies (the seven visible in the night sky generative of the cosmos to which we could add the three bodies discovered during the modern era which function is to recall us out of the delusion we formulate into a coherent universe).

Here is a selection of the ones that inspire me most:

Consultation objectives

Birth chart & astrological forecast

As an astrologer, my objective is that you leave a consultation with:

  • a more developed understanding of yourself
  • a sense of connection to your meaning
  • a desire to express yourself in a spirit of conscious participation to manifestation
  • a refreshed look at the world around you, seen as a field of evolutionary experiences


First, I help you clarify your request until you find the real request (an intention: an energy charge). Then, I draw the chart of the moment, in correspondence with this intention, and analyze it until the resolution of your problem.