Your birth chart


Your nativity (astral chart) is your adventure as a human being: to bring out the best of yourself and work on the perfectible to feel proud to be. As an astrologer, I perform the fundamental analysis of your natal chart in two 1.5-hour astrology consultations.

Each natal chart consultation is preceded by my sending to you my report on your nativity three or four days prior. The benefit is you will receive by e-mail a PDF document of about eight pages of information that you can take the time to read at your convenience, which will allow you to write down your questions serenely.

Then comes the interview during which we will interact in a relaxed fashion over the heaven of your birth. We are then in human contact in exchange of energy. The time spent together will be highly qualitative since, as the information content has been delivered, we will go beyond it. You will therefore come to me with knowledge about your nativity as well as with questions of perspective that you would not have considered otherwise, which will further widen your vision, or you will ask me questions of application or will confront your assumptions that I will put to challenge against your birth chart.

Birth chart – consultation 1

  • Your style, your “self”: how you want to be perceived, the personality you have built and how you measure your success.       
  • The life direction that reconnects you with your creativity and offers you the opportunity to flourish (live an aligned life). It’s your “Self”. You will distinguish between self and Self to make the distinction between what is pleasing to you and what makes you happy. 
  • Your needs and what bestow you a sense of security (the kind of atmosphere you feel at home which you are trying to replicate).
  • What you need to feel comfortable.
  • Understand your relational process and what you project on others: we meet ourselves through our relationships.

Birth chart – consultation 2

  • What part of your potential would be your best bet in letting out the best of you (professionally but also more generally the place you want to take in the world). Difference between inner call to happiness and external attractions driven by pleasure.
  • Identify your fears and rejections in order to acknowledge them and grow strength from them.
  • Expose the mechanisms of sabotage.
  • Discover the life path, in what direction life is pushing us through experiences that it will propose and how we tend to prefer our automatisms. What are these automatisms.

Deepening – consultation 3

  • The development of the self in all its dimensions: relationships to resources, living without judgment, constraints of everyday life, projects, awareness, fears, foundation of personality.
  • The different parts of who you are: all the planets and how they operate in your life. How to orchestrate your inner team.

Price: 100 euros for an consultation. This includes the two hours of preparatory work for the consultation with the delivery of my report (about eight A4 pages) and one hour and a half of consultation.

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