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Cédric Caron

astrologer and lecturer

“Life is simple but it’s not easy” to paraphrase sensei Higaonna.

Have you ever felt that the experiences you are going through are happening so that you become aware of something? Don’t you have the intuition of it without knowing how to formulate it? The problem is that life is provided without manual …

You live your life, I look into the heavens for this manual by means of astrology.

Cédric Caron

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The potential inscribed in the heavens at your birth

This is your adventure as a human being: to allow the best of yourself to flourish and to work on your density (fears, beliefs, the inner voice of sabotage, etc.) to cease resistance towards the light that you are.

The development of the birth potential over time

Change your outlook: integrate the meaning of events to live to see them as the potential that you are in expression and participate consciously in its unfolding.

Precise answers to specific questions

The astrology of interrogations is the complement to astrological forecast. It is a chart dedicated to a specific issue in order to answer it as precisely as possible.



Carreer path

Life mission and values

Consultation goals

Law of correlations

Free will and determinism

A knowledge

Journey in essential reality




What will happen? Small animals are represented by house 6. Gemini being the sign which serves as its foundation in this chart, it is their Lord, Mercury, who will represent the cat. To the 7, the old lady who is indifferent to the questioner, is signified by Luna,...

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My conferences

My conferences

 Articles on my conferences (French) Inscribed in a dynamic of a reform of the art, I gave two lectures at the Institut astrologique...

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