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The astrology of “interrogations” is a precise means by which your problem is posed in its various components and its development in time revealed ahead of time. Thanks to your astrologer, you can know the outcome beforehand and adjust if the problem allows to do it (Is moving to such a place a good idea?, What will be the outcome of this trial?), Know the essential quality of someone (his knowledge or what he claims about it) or something (Is it so good a bargain as it seems?) or the situation of such a misplaced object (Where is this important document?).

The astrology of interrogation offers valuable help in important decision-making!

Specific questions

This house I want to buy, what is its value compared to the market price?

Is it in good condition?

Would a relationship with this person be possible?

Will I get this job? Will I like it?

Does this school offer quality education?

And many other questions!

Precise answers

To give precise answers to your questions by means of the astrology of interrogations, we will work together by telephone (first contact) or by email. If additional information is required, we’ll exchange emails for clarification until I deliver my judgement of the chart.

Price: 40 euros for a question. Do you plan on interrogate on a regular basis? Turn to the promotional offers.