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 Articles on my conferences (French)

Inscribed in a dynamic of a reform of the art, I gave two lectures at the Institut astrologique belge in order to present my work to the public. A third is to come. The IAB website offers the abridged reports of those I presented there.


A model for the planets – December 2018

Until today astrologers derive the meaning of the planets for a small part of their visible characteristics and for a large part from a sum of meanings of the signs they “rule” – a knowledge inherited from tradition, unstructured and which does not offer a global understanding for a lack of model. If the zodiac and the houses have had theirs for a long time, the planets still don’t!

Therefore I propose a model showing that the planets form a structure having its own logic (although in interaction with others). This allows you to grasp the meaning of each of the stars, as well as the relationships they have with each other. 



The triplicities restored – October 2019

Continuing with the hermeneutic current initiated last year with the planetary model, I propose during this conference a new diagram of triplicities in place of those used by the ancient Greeks (Hermes and Ptolemy). Examples will illustrate its relevance.