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What will happen?

Small animals are represented by house 6. Gemini being the sign which serves as its foundation in this chart, it is their Lord, Mercury, who will represent the cat. To the 7, the old lady who is indifferent to the questioner, is signified by Luna, Lady of Cancer, and has been sleeping for a while in the environment of a calm atmosphere (fixed Air sign ruled by Saturn).

Mercury occupied Leo until a few moments ago: he had been looking at this attractive balloon for a while, like these little feline devils do! Just entering Cancer, at the time of the picture he has just jumped on the table adjoining the lady and is about to enter in conjunction with Sol – the balloon which fascinates him. But in astrology, it is not good to be close to the sun: it is a “combustion” and this is a critical experience!

In reality, who will jump is not the one we think of: it is Puss who will make a little fantasy fright! Is this all? Yes, because the balloon will not suffer from its contact with Mercury: it will not explode. At most, our furry pirate will fall from the table.

The moon will change sign, that is, state, to enter a sign which is just as neutral for it but which however happens to be that of the exaltation of Venus: the lady will therefore wake up gently, a small feline in the background looking for another object of interest.

Anyone who rejoiced in advance about Grandma’s mishap loses three points of karma.